RS514T Track Recycling Screen

RS514T Track Recycling Screen


Size material



Mobility = Versatility.  Easy to Finance


Standalone / Combine

Can be used on its own or in conjunction with other M&K equipment to provide a total solution



Diesel-electric/Dual Powered, easy setup ensures the lowest cost of total ownership.

RS514T Track Recycling Screen

RS514T is a HYBRID Tracked Recycling Screen with Flip Flow Bottom Screen Deck

  • The RS514T will separate your waste, by size, into 3 (or 2) sizes.
  • Top Deck Screen media is designed to prevent snagging and contamination of mid Size product by long pieces
  • Polyurethane Flip Flow Mats in bottom deck allow screening to small sizes
  • Dual Power Ready – Connect directly to the mains supply energy
  • Simple & Intuitive Control
  • Design & Support by M&K

RS514T Track Recycling Screen

Feed Conveyor & Hopper1300mm Chevron Dual Drive VSDLarge Capacity, Blockage Free
Recycling Screen5000mm x 1400mmProcesses waste more efficiently than a conventional screen
Adjustable Screen Anglin
Top Deck Media3D Honey CombPrevents Snagging, Prevents Contamination of Mid Size Product
Stepped Decks with Turning Fingers
Bottom Deck MediaPolyurethane Flip Flow MatsScreen high moisture content material
Collection Conveyor1200mm, Plain
Fines Conveyor 900mm, Plain, VSDWing Conveyors can discharge to the same size
Mid Size Conveyor900mm, Chevron, VSDWing Conveyors can discharge to the same size
Oversize Conveyor1200mm, Chevron, VSD 2-Way Split Feature combines material flow from top and bottom deck to the oversize conveyor
Powerpack Dual Power 60kva Generator 30kW Hydraulic PowerPack Dual Power Ready - Connect directly to the mains supply energy
Less moving parts compared to Diesel Hydraulic meaning less things to go wrong and less parts to maintain.
Cheaper Running Costs than Diesel Hydraulic
Electric is significantly greener than traditional Diesel Hydraulic producing less CO2.
Design & Support by M&K
Automation & ControlTouch Screen HMISimple & Intuitive Control
PLC Design By M&K
Siemens HMI
AutoStart sequential start.
AutoStop sequential stop
Fault Finding
Designed & Support by M&K
WorkingWidth (m) : 14.0
Length (m) : 14.6
Height (m) : 3.2
Weight (kgs) : 30,000 *
TransportWidth (m) : 3.0
Length (m) : 16.0
Height (m) : 3.2
Weight (kgs) : 30,000 *
EngineDoosan Stage 5 (No AdBlue)
Radio ControlRadio Control
AirSuction System | 30 kW | External Power Source Required
MagnetCross Belt Magnet on Oversize Conveyor, 450 Gauss @ 300mm
MagnetDrum Magnet on Fines Conveyor
MagnetDrum Magnet on Mid Size Conveyor
FeederApron feeder
PASPositive Air Pressure System for Control Panel

*All dimensions and weights are approximate. M&K reserves the right to alter specification without notice. Images may show optional equipment









Residual Waste

Household Waste

C&D Waste | Skip Waste

C&D Waste | Skip Waste

Concrete Recycling

Landfill Mining


M&K dual power technology systems are designed to give users a choice between diesel and electric power. The machines can be run as standard diesel or connected to an external electricity supply.

Yes.  The Recycling box can be swapped out for a quarry box very quickly & easily.  The RS514T can then be repurposed to an application better suited to aggregates.

Yes.  The RS514T is designed for waste and many waste operations occur on a site boundary or along the side of a building.

Yes as standard.  And our Automation department can customise to whatever parameters you want/need

RS514T + PS312M

RS514T + PS312M | Skip Waste

RS514T + PS312M + AS150T

RS514T + PS312M + AS150T | Skip Waste

RS5145T on Topsoil

RS5145T on Topsoil

RS5145T on C&D

RS5145T on C&D

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