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Trommel Fines Treatment

Trommel fines are material that come from the mechanical treatment of waste and has the European Waste Code of 19-12-12.

Trommel Fines Treatment recovers the inert material such as stones, aggregates, glass and soils (which are naturally occurring) metals and Residual Waste (fibres, films, plastics, wood and textiles)

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) introduction of LOI Testing enforces legislation for the disposal of these fines in the UK

  • The lower rate tax will only be applicable if the producer can demonstrate the trommel fines comprise predominantly of glass, ceramics, concrete or naturally occurring rocks and soil
  • It is most likely that the presence of anything other than minor amounts of other contaminants will result in the fines being taxed at the standard rate.

Trommel fines. 40mm mesh.


long pieces

metal (fe)

light fraction

heavy fraction



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