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M&K Static Recycling System


Our static systems are custom designed and built to YOUR requirements. #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Mobile Recycling System


Hybrid. Plug & Play. Easy to configure. Easy to finance.   #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Modular Recycling System


M&K Modular systems offer the unparalleled performance of static systems with the convenience & flexibility of mobiles. #recyclingmadeeasy

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Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)


Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) is a by-product of residual waste incineration with or without energy recovery that collects at the bottom of municipal incinerators.  Approximately 20 per cent of waste material sent for incineration is recovered as IBA, which can be processed to recover valuable metals, with the remainder being used for construction purposes. 

Depending on the composition of the waste, Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) can contain a number of materials including metals (ferrous & non-ferrous), concrete, ceramics, glass and brick.

Modern waste incineration plants (WtE) are an important part of waste management and energy production. However, ash and slag are produced as by-products when generating energy because waste cannot be burned without leaving any residue. Recycling ash and slag plays a vital role in minimising environmental impact and recovering valuable resources.

Process to recover the recyclates

M&K can provide a complete turnkey solution mobile, modular or static