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M&K Static Recycling System


Our static systems are custom designed and built to YOUR requirements #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Mobile Recycling System


Hybrid. Plug & Play Easy to configure. Easy to finance. #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Modular Recycling System


M&K Modular systems offer the unparalleled performance of static systems with the convenience & flexibility of mobiles. #recyclingmadeeasy

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Compost, Organics & Green Waste Recycling

Compost, Organics & Green Waste Recycling recycles garden waste into compost and biomass for the Agricultural, Horticultural & Biomass sectors

The challenge is to remove the contamination.  Inerts (Heavy Fraction), Plastics, Papers & Textiles (Light Fraction) & Metals.

Manufactured Products

  • High quality compost (an excellent supplement, not a fertilizer) for the Agricultural & Horticultural sectors.
  • Biomass Larger items are shredded into biomass and sent as fuel to biomass plants

Static Screening System

recovering light fraction

20mm Compost

Suction System

Compost Trommel

Compost Trommel