AS150T Track Air Density Separator

AS150T Track Air Density Separator


Separates by Density. Heavy Density & Light Density



Mobility = Versatility.  Easy to Finance


Standalone / Combine

Can be used on its own or in conjunction with other M&K equipment to provide a total solution



Diesel-electric/Dual Powered, easy setup ensures the lowest cost of total ownership.

AS150T Track Air Density Separator

AS150T Track Air Density Separator

AS150T Track Air Density Separator is a HYBRID Single Drum Air Density Separator

The AS150T will separate light fraction from heavy fraction

  • The AS150T Track Air Density Separator achieves an accurate separation by presenting the infeed material to the air separation chamber in a mono layer.
  • Belt Feeder | Low Feed Height | Accommodates surges from downstream | Enables the AS150T to be used as a standalone unit
  • Vibrating Feeder |  creates a mono layer
  • Acceleration Belt | Evenly spread material is accelerated toward the Air Separation Chamber
  • Air Separation Chamber | Variable speed blowers and an adjustable nozzle produce are air stream that carries light materials upwards and over the separation drum.
  • Separation Drum | Variable Speed
  • Suction Fan | Maintains stable air velocity to prevent contamination
  • Dual Power Ready – Connect directly to the mains supply energy
  • Simple & Intuitive Control
  • Design & Support by M&K

AS150T Air Density Separator Features

Feed Conveyor & Hopper1300mm
Dual Drive
Folding Back Plate
Large Capacity, Blockage Free
Vibrating Feeder1400mm
Stainless Steel
Hyd Angle Adjustment
Wear Plates
MagnetOverband Magnet
300mm working gap
Bi Directional.
Hydraulic Height Adjustment
Accelerator BeltAdjustable In & Out
Adjustable Up & Down
Impact Bars
Plain Belt
Air Separation Module2 X 11kw Blowers
Adjustable Nozzle
Splitter Drum700mm Dia Splitter Drum
Variable Speed from HMI.
Decompression Chamber18kw
Lights ConveyorBelt Type: Plain
Heavy Fraction ConveyorImpact Bars
Hydraulic Folding
LH or RH
Powerpack Dual Power
66Kva Generator
30kW Hydraulic PowerPack
Dual Power Ready - Connect directly to the mains supply energy
Less moving parts compared to Diesel Hydraulic meaning less things to go wrong and less parts to maintain.
Cheaper Running Costs than Diesel Hydraulic
Electric is significantly greener than traditional Diesel Hydraulic producing less CO2.
Design & Support by M&K
Automation & ControlTouch Screen HMISimple & Intuitive Control
PLC Design By M&K
Siemens HMI
AutoStart sequential start.
AutoStop sequential stop
Fault Finding
Designed & Support by M&K
WorkingWidth (m) : 2.9
Length (m) : 15.5
Height (m) : 3.2
Weight (kgs) : 25,000 *
TransportWidth (m) : 8.3
Length (m) : 15.3
Height (m) : 3.2
Weight (kgs) : 24,000 *
EngineDoosan Stage 5 (No AdBlue)
Radio ControlRadio Control
AirSuction System | 30 kW | External Power Source Required
MagnetDrum Magnet on Residual Conveyor
PASPositive Air Pressure System for Control Panel
PASPositive Air Pressure System for Control Panel
ConveyorCollection conveyor for No Fe

*All dimensions and weights are approximate. M&K reserves the right to alter specification without notice. Images may show optional equipment


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