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M&K Static Recycling System


Our static systems are custom designed and built to YOUR requirements #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Mobile Recycling System


Hybrid. Plug & Play Easy to configure. Easy to finance. #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Modular Recycling System


M&K Modular systems offer the unparalleled performance of static systems with the convenience & flexibility of mobiles. #recyclingmadeeasy

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RDF feedstock

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

RDF is manufactured from the combustible elements of residual waste for the production of power, heat and steam in an Energy from Waste facility. RDF fuel has a high calorific value, stable combustion, low secondary pollution and low dioxin emissions. It fuel is renewable, easy to transport and easy to store.  The development of RDF has evolved over the years, driven by the need to reduce landfilling, promote sustainable waste management, and harness the energy potential embedded in discarded materials.  One of the primary advantages of RDF is its versatility in energy recovery. RDF can be incinerated to produce heat and electricity, offering an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

RDF requires less refinement to meet the end-users specifications (Shred, Screen, Separate), whereas SRF is a highly refined type of fuel that has usually been produced to the exact specifications requested by the companies who will use the fuel.

As new treatment technologies develop that require a fuel with properties somewhere between RDF and SRF the distinction between RDF and RDF is becoming less.

Manufacturing Process

  • Primary Shred
  • Screen out fines material (helps reduce moisture content).  Trommel, Recycling (flip flow) or Star Screen
  • Air Density Separation to remove heavy fraction
Only two percent of the UK’s heat requirements are met through district heating

Circular: For Resource And Waste Professionals

M&K is the leading supplier of innovative staticmobile and modular waste recycling and material handling technology combining unparalleled technological manufacturing capabilities with decades of application expertise.

Established in 1977, M&K design, manufacture & support staticmobile and modular ShreddersTrommelsRecycling ScreensStar Screens, ConveyorsPicking CabinsAir Separators, Crushers & Washing Systems.

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