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M&K Static Recycling System


Our static systems are custom designed and built to YOUR requirements #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Mobile Recycling System


Hybrid. Plug & Play Easy to configure. Easy to finance. #recyclingmadeeasy

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M&K Modular Recycling System


M&K Modular systems offer the unparalleled performance of static systems with the convenience & flexibility of mobiles. #recyclingmadeeasy

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light fraction recovery


Recycled Aggregates

  • Recycled Aggregates are building materials such as gravel and sand that have been repurposed from construction, demolition and excavation waste.
  • Due to their very nature, the origins of recycled aggregates are difficult, if not impossible, to establish.
  • Problems arise when the recycled aggregates are comprised of unknown, or potentially harmful, materials
  • Recycled Aggregates can consist of a mixture of brick rubble, glass, plastics, metals, wood, paper, plasterboard  and other materials, which impacts their ability to consistently meet quality standards
  • Recycled Aggregates Clean Up system recovers recyclates (metals) and impurities (plastics, wood) from the brick and rubble

Recycled Aggregates Clean Up

PS212T (TPS120) cleaning aggregates

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