Waste Screens c/w Flip Flow Bottom Decks Screens in testing

Flip Flow Screens for Trommel Fines in Production

Flip Flow, Trommel Fines


View from Factory Floor this morning.


Flip Flow Screens in Production

Flip Flow Screens in Production
















The SFS265 HEAVY DUTY 2 DECK FLIP FLOW screen offers a flexible and economical screening & separation solution for waste applications, and is particularly suitable for screening & separating difficult materials or materials with high moisture content.


Developed over 40 years, the motion of the SFS265 HEAVY DUTY 2 DECK FLIP FLOW vibrates the screen decks in different ways. The Top Deck Punch Plate protects and reduces the stress on the Flip Flow screen mats, while loosening and turning over the material. The service life Flip Flow screen mats is increased and optimal screening results are guaranteed.

The Top Deck Punch Plates can be changed quickly and simply thanks to the modular construction.
The Flip Flow screen mats are fastened without screws and have no edges that could cause difficulties. This means that the screen mats can be changed quickly and there is an optimal product flow on the screen panels.




• Trommel Fines
• Skip Waste
• Top Soil
• Shredded Metal
• Wood
• Muncipal Solid Waste

• Non blinding screening mats – less contamination/less downtime
• Compact and modular construction
• Dynamic wear resistant screening mats allow an efficient material flow – screwless mounted
(fast changeover)
• The high acceleration on the screening mats ensures a self-cleaning effect
• Infinite adjustment of the vibrating parameters to match changing product characteristics/
• Low operating and maintenance costs


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