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What is SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)?

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SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste, typically consisting of combustible components of municipal solid waste (MSW) such as; Biodegradable waste; food and kitchen waste, green waste, paper. Recyclable material; paper; glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, fabrics, clothes, etc. Inert waste; construction and demolition waste; dirt, rocks, debris. Composite wastes; waste clothing, Tetra-Packs, waste plastics such as …

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Solid Recovered Fuel SRF – a resource?

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Solid Recovered Fuel SRF is still classified as a waste material, not a product, despite the fact it is manufactured to a quality specification and is a resource from which energy can be recovered. SRF potential Impending landfill targets, the increasing depletion of fossil fuels and the need to improve the UK’s waste agenda, everything seems to point towards Solid Recovered …

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Shipment of waste in Europe

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Thanks to rising landfill tax rates, excess treatment capacity in some European countries and excess shipping capacity, the shipment of waste in Europe has risen. Waste treatment is a global issue.  International transport networks continue to develop and the ever wealthier societies of developed countries present more and more resource management challenges and opportunities, as waste producers and handlers seek …

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Why is the UK exporting waste, if waste is such a valuable resource?

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The surge in the UK exporting waste is bringing in money, but with issues around energy security and resource scarcity, the UK might be missing an opportunity at home. British exporters are facing some worrying headwinds. The value of the pound is riding high and the engines of economic recovery in the Eurozone (the UK’s main export market) are yet to …

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Exporting RDF ‘better’ than landfill

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Exporting waste as RDF is more environmentally beneficial than landfilling it in the UK if it travels within 2,300 kilometres by boat or 1,265 kilometres by road, according to Dutch energy firm Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB). The research was conducted on behalf of the Dutch firm by research consultancy CE Delft, and highlighted in AEB’s 2012 sustainability report. AEB’s two …