Waste Management

History of Waste Management

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From the rag-and-bone-men of the early 1800s through to today’s use cutting edge technology, a look at the history of waste management. The waste management services of today use cutting edge technology and environmentally -friendly practices to ensure that we do everything we can to dispose of waste efficiently. It would be easy to think of waste management as a modern day …

Central Wales to send food waste to Anaerobic Digestion in Oxfordshire


Ceredigion and Powys county councils have signed an £11 million contract with Agrivert to recycle 10,000 tonnes-a-year of food waste at the company’s anaerobic digestion plant in Cassington, Oxfordshire. In 2009, the Welsh Government embarked on an ambitious food waste recycling programme, which saw local authorities come together to form five “procurement hubs” to jointly procure food waste treatment capacity. …