How the Waste industry learned to look beyond landfill

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How the Waste industry learned to look beyond landfill.  With rise of incineration and heavy taxes, Waste management has evolved beyond mere dumps – but sector experts warn of complacency over recycling. An excavator pushes mounds of rubbish across the summit of Britain’s biggest waste mountain, Packington landfill, near Birmingham.  And this week Sita UK, which owns and operates the site, closed its gates …

Closing the Circle: Enhanced Landfill Mining


Landfill mining has been touted as a way to recover valuable materials discarded over the years. So how does Enhanced Landfill mining differ? The Flanders-based Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium addresses the difference with a case study outlining the REMO landfill site in Belgium and potential energy recovery.

Solid Waste into SRF


Greyhound Recycling & Recovery increase recycling & recovery rates, convert tons of blackbin solid waste into SRF, and send less of Dublin City Council’s commercial and domestic waste to landfill with M&K Waste-to-Energy (WTE) system. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is a fuel produced by sorting and drying municipal solid waste (MSW).  More than 100 million tonnes of MSW made from …