Waste to Energy

Environment in the EU27 In 2011, 40% of treated municipal waste was recycled or composted, up from 27% in 2001


In the EU27, 503 kg of municipal waste1 was generated per person in 2011, while 486 kg of municipal waste was treated2 per person. This municipal waste was treated in different ways3: 37% was landfilled, 23% incinerated, 25% recycled and 15% composted, compared with 56% landfilled, 17% incinerated, 17% recycled and 10% composted in 2001.

Yorwaste invest in an M&K Glass Recycling Plant

Glass Recycling, Yorwaste

Yorwaste have chosen M&K (again) as their preferred supplier for the design, manufacture, installation & commissioning of a Glass Recycling Plant.   Plant Design Recovery Plant design will include: Chain Conveyor STS720 Trommel Screen Picking Line Magnet Eddy Current Separator   Pictures   Video   Yorwaste Yorwaste specialises in creating environmentally sound waste management and recycling solutions for our customers …

Recyco Waste Management's Waste Materials Recovery Facility MRF

Recyco Waste Management’s Waste Materials Recovery Facility MRF

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Recyco’s Waste Materials Recovery Facility MRF in Omagh, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  RecyCo process recyclables from blue bin schemes across Northern Ireland returning the materials to industry to be made into new products. RecyCo provide waste processing and recycling services to businesses and local authorities in Northern Ireland.  The intelligent waste materials recovery facility MRF allows us to offer our customers a …