Waste Recycling System

New M&K Waste Recycling System for Bolton Bros

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New M&K Waste Recycling System helps Bolton Bros to achieve greater throughput, improve recycling rates and reduce landfill costs. M&K were chosen by Bolton Bros to design, manufacture, install, commission & support their new Construction & Demolition Waste and Commercial & Industrial Waste Recycling System. The new Waste Recycling System utilises the latest technologies to reduce operating costs and boost performance. Bolton Bros’ Waste Recycling System improves recycling rates, …

Picking Station

Birch Skip Hire’s Skip Waste Recycling Solution

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 Birch Skip Hire’s Skip Waste Recycling Solution Application Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D) Commercial & Industrial Waste (C&I) Problem(s) poor reliability of existing system poor throughput of existing system need to increase efficiencies and flow of materials boost the output of saleable reclaimed materials M&K Solution M&K designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned & support a recycling system that combines a number …