Mobile Recycling System

D R Flip Flow, Waste Screen

M&K Mobile Recycling System featuring RS514T Track Recycling Screen, PS312M Mobile Picking Station and AS150T Air Density Separator.

RS514T is a HYBRID Tracked Recycling Screen with Flow Flow Bottom Deck

PS312M is a HYBRID 3 Bay Mobile Picking Station with Air Separator & Magnet.

AS150T is a HYBRID Air Density Separator with Belt Feeder, Vibrating Feeder and Magnet.

Automation & Control by M&K.

M&K’s range of Mobile Waste Recycling Technology provide an easy, risk free system of processing waste. Essential when working on projects or renting sites. M&K offer a complete range of Mobile Waste Recycling Equipment including: Shredders, Trommels, Waste Screens, Flip Flow Screens, Star Screens, Air Density Separators, Eddy Current Separators, Picking Stations and Conveyors​

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