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The M&K TPS120 Track Picking Station with Integrated Air Separation – a mobile recycling plant that puts sustainable profits first

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The M&K TPS120 Track Picking Station – a mobile recycling plant that puts sustainable profits first.

All business owners want to maximise profits in a sustainable way. For Waste Companies, the key challenge is to improve recycling rates, minimise costs and maximise production to the lowest possible cost per produced ton. The recently launched M&K TPS120 Track Picking Station with inbuilt Air Separation pushes this performance equation to new levels. But what were the challenges and how exactly did M&K solve them?

Challenge 1: How to provide customers with additional capacity quickly? 

The M&K TPS120 will provide immediate additional capacity without the need for applying for costly, lengthy planning permission.

Challenge 2: How to provide customers with the ability to produce quality recycled products? 

The Waste Recycling Sector is undergoing changes, particularly in the UK & Europe. Waste Contractors/ Waste Recyclers are being forced to raise standards of the final products. In the recycled aggregates sector, the quality of the products that are being produced has to rise to meet the rising standards demanded of aggregate customers. Same with waste brokers. The M&K TPS120 will provide Waste Contractors/ Waste Recyclers with a solution to this problem.

Challenge 3: How to enable flexible multi-tasking and increase capacity?

M&K wanted to design a mobile solution to answer the needs of the most challenging recycling projects as well as keeping even the smallest projects profitable. So we came up with a multi-use solution that could efficiently take on multiple recycling production needs; from Skip Waste Recycling to Aggregates Recycling to Biomass Recycling to Landfill Mining. The versatility of the TPS120 comes from our intuitive one-touch user-friendly control system, which makes switching between applications easy and as a result makes life much easier for operators and keeps downtime to a minimum.

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Challenge 4: How to improve safety? 

We all have more important duties than just watching the bottom line – there’s also safety to consider. M&K wanted to design a solution that improved the safety of our customer’s employees. In the absence of any competent market solution, waste contractors have been taking liberties with Health & Safety and endangering the lives of employees. Accidents have happened. Some fatal..workers have fallen into or off of equipment. The TPS120 provides a safe, controlled environment. The TPS120 has the added safety features like emergency stop buttons and maintenance platforms for safe access to maintenance locations. The easiest way to prevent accidents is training and for this the M&K team is also at your service.


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