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Trommel Fines Clean-Up

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Trommel Fines are a by-product produced during the recycling process and consist inert materials such as stones, aggregates, glass and soils which are naturally occurring and fibres, films, plastics, wood and textiles which are not naturally occurring. Landfill sites have been the traditional home for trommel fines, however with the increase in landfill taxes and the amendment of the Landfill Tax Regulations, Waste Management …


How the Waste industry learned to look beyond landfill

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How the Waste industry learned to look beyond landfill.  With rise of incineration and heavy taxes, Waste management has evolved beyond mere dumps – but sector experts warn of complacency over recycling. An excavator pushes mounds of rubbish across the summit of Britain’s biggest waste mountain, Packington landfill, near Birmingham.  And this week Sita UK, which owns and operates the site, closed its gates …

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The Landfill Tax Trommel Fines Debate – is Loss on Ignition Testing the Solution?

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The trommel fines debate rages on with industry and Government at loggerheads as to a sensible solution to the issue of how to dispose of this troublesome waste stream.   The flames have now been stoked further with suggestions of a potential new solution, which will see the introduction of Loss of Ignition (LOI) testing, to measure the biodegradable element …

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HMRC sets out proposed rules for LOI testing on Trommel Fines

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Landfill operators will have to perform ‘loss on ignition’ tests for every 1,000 tonnes of waste (trommel fines) received from an individual plant, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has proposed. And, from April 2015 in order to be considered eligible for the lower rate of landfill tax, customers must ensure any load containing trommel fines has a loss on …